Travis Daines, Jeepfreeks

"This is not a blow dryer from Ebay. Not your $50 scam setup either. We installed it on the most underpowered Jeep we had. 1997 TJ 2.5. We can actually use 5th gear now. It has made it a very drivable Jeep. The 4.0 3.6 and 3.8 run out very well with this system from @airlutions. It works with Airaid systems perfectly. The variable frequency motor spins at, a max of 30,000 rpm. It receives signal from the throttle position sensor or Map sensor. A couple of weekends ago we ran Providence Canyon and noticed the ability to lug this motor has vastly improved. We are very happy with this product and will be installing them on more of our rigs. Checkout"

Chad Booth, At Your Leisure

"Went barreling up Parley's today in our 2001 suburban hauling a Razor and an Outlander on a trailer. 5.3 liter with 195000 and it tows like a new DuraMax. Thanks Airlutions. Love it."


  1. At Your Leisure review and dyno testing video at Premiere Performance, West Jordan Utah. This on a 2015 Jeep JK 3.6 liter with 35" Goodrich tires, Dyno results to the right

Joe Miller, FastKarts

So I put a ram air turbine from Airlutions (Venomaire) on my 2012 V10 Ford 31' Motor Home about 10 months ago. My mileage went up 2.5 miles per gallon, will hold 75 mph and it does not downshift constantly. I was even able to to pull Parley's Canyon 12 mph faster towing a trailer and side by side. All this for about $900.00 bucks. Best upgrade money I ever spent! I liked it so much, I put one on Jennifer Miller's 2008 Rubicon with 36" tires. 4 mpg increase in all around driving, 5 mpg highway.



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