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"One word for the Venom2XS... WOW! I've been checking this product out for about 6 months. I was very interested in getting it done and seeing how it performed. I finally got it done and can I just say WOW! This thing is a straight up BEAST. Dan installed it for me and we had a fun time doing it. What's awesome is it goes right on your intake so it really doesn't take any extra room in your engine bay. I had this put on my Vortec 6.0 which already had quite a bit of power. But man does this thing make a difference. After having it installed I got on the freeway and went home which was about a 50 mile drive. I got off the freeway and my gas mileage said 18.7MPG. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My normal on the freeway is 13! Who on the world has a product that gives you that much better gas mileage and an insane amount of extra power? I've seen so many things advertised as "electric super chargers" all over the internet. The thing about those though is they are not what they say. Feel free to look up YouTube videos on them. Some people actually dynoed them and lost horse power. But with Dan's product that's not the case. He has come up with something remarkable that increases gas mileage, gives you an insane amount of power throughout the whole powerband and, and reduces emissions. I've had this product for a week and I can say I love it. I have gained at least 40 HP! For some reason I get the feeling its more😂. I also love how the extra power is instant. Much more like a supercharger than a turbo. What leaves me happy is I get my money back from the gas that I save. All in all Dan is a great guy and will take care of your needs. Give him a call and get one of these because they are truly remarkable and there is NO OTHER product on the market like this!!!"

Jaren Howes